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He tries to escape the police and crashes into a car

Trying to escape the police, a fugitive loses control of his Chevrolet and crashes into a car that heads straight for the fence.

Live tracking of the pursuit race

In the USA, the chases are regularly filmed by helicopters. This time it is about a person suspected of murder who tries to escape the police in the vicinity of Dallas, Texas.

The video begins as the fugitive can be seen riding to the maximum of his ability. Chevrolet Malibu in order to sow the forces of order. For more than two minutes, he will slalom between cars by increasing the number of lane changes on the highway before entering the emergency lane.

Predictable loss of control

He even goes so far as to leave the highway in crossing a grassy median without slowing down in the slightest. He was still forced to lower his speed as the traffic intensified as he approached an intersection. Once it has passed, it also accelerates again soon and resumes its dangerous overtaking. But her luck ends up turning

. While he wants to overtake a pick-up, he puts his two left wheels in the side. This causes him to skid and cross the road until he collides with an innocent car driving peacefully.. The latter then goes into the scene while the alleged murderer is forced to stop.

Miraculously, there is no wounded

Taking his legs around his neck, he runs to take refuge in a nearby building where the police will arrest him a few moments later. Fortunately, the driver of the crashed car escaped without bodily harm. However, his car was badly damaged and will need major repairs.

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