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the Baja 911 is the craziest 911!

Do you dream of a Porsche 911 ready to take on sand, mud and stones? That’s what TJ Russel promises you with his 911 Baja!

If Porsche is in the process of prepare a 911 Safari on the basis of its latest 992, its marketing is not planned for immediately. Lucky for you, too impatient to go off-road in a Porsche 911, there is this Baja 911 whose marketing has just started. A car full of promises, as suggested its name taken from the famous Baja 1000.

2 years of waiting for the all-terrain 911

Presented at the SEMA Show in 2019, the Baja 911 will have required almost 2 years of development thanks to the relentlessness of the American team TJ Russell. The case comes from a 964 Carrera convertible from 1991.

It is obviously largely modified, in particular with the addition of a complete arch and a roof. The latter, like the rest of the body, is in composite materials to save weight. The whole chassis + bodywork thus goes from 1,400 kg originally to 1,270 kg on this 911 Baja, i.e. – 130 kg. A significant weight saving all the more impressive with increasing dimensions.

The wheelbase has been lengthened by 7.6 cm and the tracks widened by 35 cm! This allows the 911 Baja to be more stable at high speeds. To absorb the shocks, the chassis has been reinforced, as have the suspensions. These benefit from a travel of 30 cm at the front and up to 34 cm at the rear


6 flat 3.8 liters atmo and 370 hp

A spoiler has been added to the engine cover, in the purest style of the models of the 80s. At the front, the optics have switched to LEDs and are supplemented by a ramp of 5 additional headlights. This should be enough to see clearly, even in the darkest night!

The engine is a flat 6 cylinder of 3.6 l atmospheric rebored to 3.8 l by Rothsport Racing teams. Thus prepared, he then develops 370 ch and 420 Nm of torque sent to the rear wheels. As an option, it is also possible to opt for all-wheel drive. 6-speed manual gearbox, is taken from a 911 type 996.

A stratospheric price

If you are interested in this very special 911, know that orders are open. But you have to have a solid bank account to assume the $ 400,000 (€ 345,000) minimum demanded by the 911 Baja. And if you want a complete setup, the price can then climb to $ 650,000 (€ 560,000)!

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