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With each rain, cars are trapped by this puddle

If an imposing puddle seems to block the road, this does not seem to bother many motorists who therefore logically find themselves stuck!

During heavy rain, the drainage network can saturate and the roadway can be flooded. And if the road is in a hollow, the water can then stagnate to form a puddle more or less imposing.

In the United Kingdom, this situation occurs regularly in the county of Nottinghamshire, in England. With the amount of precipitation, large puddles can reach up to 1.5 meters deep.

A dive and it’s the breakdown

While seeing such a large body of water should surprise motorists, we notice that many rush into it without thinking. And obviously, many find themselves stuck in the middle or so broken down just at the exit. In some places, a small construction machine or a Land Rover Defender is stationed nearby in order to tow them out of the water

and put them aside while waiting for the tow truck.

Force passage not recommended

It is logically the vans and the highest perched cars that do the best but that is not a guarantee of success! Vehicles attempting to pass often seet their grille completely covered with water, just like the exhaust. The engine is then drowned and impossible to restart! If some think that passing the fastest is the miracle solution, it is clear that this is absolutely not the case? High speed even seems to be an aggravating factor.

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