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a limousine version is trying to cross

A Russian Youtuber ventured into the tundra with a Hummer H2 transformed into a limousine. What to try a new type of crossing?

Everyone knows the Hummer. This gigantic 4X4 then SUV marketed by General Motors based on the historic military Humvee.

Sold under three generations and three appellations between 1992 and 2010 (successively H1, H2 then H3), it was buried along with its brand in 2010 when GM was going through a severe financial crisis.

Even if it has disappeared from the concessions, we continue to see it occasionally on the roads. Sometimes in original derivatives like here, with a H2 stretched limousine who tries his hand at crossing into the Russian countryside.

Hummer VS Wild

This copy, in the same vein as those that we see frequently roam the streets of Moscow, formerly had to be responsible for the transportation of bride and groom or other party animals. It is improvised today by 4X4 crossing in extreme conditions, in the hands of Russian YouTuber Anton Meneger. A specialist in this kind of videos off the beaten track

. Admittedly, the machine has a transmission 4X4, most its length and its very large turning radiuse make the difficult test.


We see it shaken on all sides, wading through the mud and bruised by branches and potholes in its path. The inevitable happened : he finds himself stuck at the exit of a slope, his sill scraping the ground and preventing him from moving further. In the same style as the Presidential limousine of Barack Obama that we saw a few years ago get stuck when she leaves the American embassy in Dublin.

It is not known what subsequently happened to this Hummer-limo, which had to get by with some wounds and pods. But anyway, it had to give its users a sacred part of fun.

Discover in video the off-road services of this extraordinary Hummer below:

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