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an oldschool motorhome project unveiled?

There was a time when Toyota offered motorhomes for sale, based on its Chinook model. And he intends to put the cover back with a Tacoma.

The next SEMA Show 2021, positioned at the beginning of November in Las Vegas, will have its share of preparations of all kinds. And Toyota may well steal the show with a motorhome with a neo-retro look. This vehicle is strongly inspired by Chinook, a van fitted out and sold by the brand in the 1970s. But this sexier version, like the next VW Combi, turns heads much more.

Tacozilla, that’s his name

This concept-car has so far only been presented with a single 3D rendering. Soberly baptized Tacozilla, it will use a recent tacoma base. This pick-up, unknown in France since only sold in America, is in its third generation. It also has the dimensions perfect (between 5.4 and 5.7 m long) to accommodate all the elements essential to the viability of a recreational vehicle.

It would therefore be the version TRD Sport, with manual gearbox, a vehicle that the manufacturer wanted well suited to off-piste. If this project intrigues you, the entire construction of the machine should be split into several videos until it arrives at the American living room. The camper hull thus contains a double bed above the truck cabin. Kitchenette, dining room and various cupboards are positioned at the rear of the vehicle.

What was the Chinook?

In the 1970s and 1980s, Toyota has partnered with Chinook to build motorhomes based on its model « Pickup“. Initially the name of the company, this name will eventually take part in the manufacturer’s range to qualify this new model. This coalition went extremely well to the point that many copies are still on the road. It remains to be seen whether the concept will borrow the 4 cylinders where the V6 to move this large mass.

To go camping or face the desert, it is certainly the perfect motorhome. But Toyota does not seem ready to offer it again as standard. Already the basic Tacoma costs around 45,000 € without options, the price could soar. Finally, failing to drive it, we would already be very happy to see it at work during the next SEMA.

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