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fuel at cost price until October 30!

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the group, announced the sale of fuel at cost price until October 30 at all service stations of his brand.

Sell ​​his fuel at costis to be free from any form of profit for distributors. This is the idea launched by the Chairman of the Leclerc group following recent government statements. As a reminder, Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition, had asked supermarkets and oil companies to “make a gesture by reducing their margins” on Tuesday, October 12. And gasoline has never been so expensive …

Until October 30!

The sign Leclerc is not at its first attempt and has regularly taken advantage of this communication coup to attract customers. Michel-Edouard Leclerc was the guest of RTL this Monday, October 18 to discuss the recent price spike. The latter defends himself: ” if we want prices not to increase too much, we must take the factors of increase, VAT, TIPP… It is not in the camp of private companies« .

« Tickled “By the words of Barbara Pompili, he claims that” we don’t have room for maneuver“. Indeed by selling its fuel at cost price, if the prices of the latter increase further, it will be good. lack of state taxes

. He also promised at the microphone of our colleagues that if a reduction in taxes was decided, the prices at the pump would fall in the same way.

A committed speech

For echo the latest societal denunciations, Michel-Edouard Leclerc continues on the increase in heating, electricity, leisure subscriptions… ” I see a wave of inflation coming (…) and therefore we must mobilize, State and private companies, not to alter purchasing power in the coming months“, He considers.

Obviously the fuel cost is linked in a tiny way to the distributors’ margin. But these only affect two cents per liter, according to the boss of the group, in his particular case. The opportunity to recall that the barrel of oil is (very) heavily taxed, especially in France at more than 50%.

Finally, be aware that the operation will be conducted in ” all stores with a service station outside the motorway station“. Good news for all road users to enjoy. We repeat it to you, until October 30 included.

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