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Honda presents three new concept cars

China is fast becoming the world’s leading market for electric vehicles, and Honda has just confirmed plans to launch no less ten 100% electric models in the Middle Kingdom for the next five years. The Japanese manufacturer also specifies that all its models launched in China after 2030 will be electrified, with electric and hybrid engines.

This new range of 100% electric cars is called “E: N”, with an “e” for electric and referring to the brand’s electrification technology (“e: Technology”), as well as an “N” for “Next”, which heralds the next generation of Honda models.

All models in this “e: N” range will be based on a platform developed specifically for 100% electric models, which is able to offer variations at front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. What to equip many types of different silhouettes, such as sedans, wagons and other SUVs.

Honda unveils 3 concept cars: e: N SUV, e: N GT and e: N Coupé

On this occasion, Honda unveils no less than three new concept cars, called e: N SUV Concept, e: N GT Concept and e: N Coupé Concept

. The three models give a concrete outline of the style of the brand’s future productions for the years to come, which is distinguished by a raw and angular design, with futuristic lines and marked by luminous LED borders.

Honda also presented two first production models, SUVs dubbed Honda e: NS1 and e: NP1, prefigured by the concept e: Prototype SUV unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show 2020, and which will be launched in spring 2022. If the manufacturer does not ‘ did not give further details on this subject, it is a safe bet that these models will also be available in Europe, since they appear to be based on the new HR-V.

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