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more Taycan sold than 911

Little by little, Porsche is becoming a manufacturer more electric than thermal … The proof with the sales figures achieved by the Stuttgart firm in the third quarter.

Manufacturers’ sales figures reveal sometimes surprises, especially in these uncertain times for the automotive industry. And Porsche’s third quarter report is a nice surprise! The German manufacturer has sold more copies of its electric sedan Taycan that of sa sportive star, the 911.

That the 911 is not the best-selling Porsche, we are used to it. The two most popular models are generally the Cayenne and Macan SUVs (which will also soon become electric). But the Taycan is now in third place, with 28 640 copies sold since the beginning of the year. By comparing, the 911 was sold in 27,972 copies over the same period.

And, unlike the “small” Macan SUV, the Taycan cannot really count on more friendly prices than the 911. If the basic version starts at 88,364 € (against 110,192 € for a Porsche 911 Carrera), the range The prices then go up very quickly, up to € 191,374 for the Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo. A key moment for the Stuttgart brand, therefore.

Twice as many sales as Tesla!

Another surprise: more copies of the Porsche Taycan were sold in 2021 than of Tesla Model S! The German even represents double the sales of the American star, which only elapsed 13 185 copies. Is Elon Musk’s large electric sedan finally at the end of the grace period? The explanation is much simpler. Indeed, the production of the Model S was interrupted for several months, since the manufacturer is preparing the arrival of the restyled version. And Tesla’s sales figures atomize the competition everywhere else: 627,350 copies of the Model 3 and the Model Y SUV were sold in 2021.

Without forgetting that in the new Gigafactory in Berlin, Elon Musk expects a production of 520,000 copies per year …

Source : Jalopnik

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