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two models renovated after leaving the barn

The stories of abandoned vehicles, immobilized for years or even decades, sometimes know, and fortunately, beautiful stories. These two Camaros have received a thorough makeover after decades without seeing the light of day …

We regularly feature stories on Auto Plus barn outings. Understand by that, these names given to the “rescue” operations of vehicles left prisoners of time and dust. Often abandoned vehicles – as the name suggests – several years in barns, garages or sheds.

On the other hand, we know less frequently what happens next. In other words, what becomes of these same vehicles of misfortune once drawn from their long immobilization, and promised to a future more radiant.

Long retirement

Of them Chevrolet camaro have given us their news. The opportunity for us to realize all the transformation what are the men who work at give them a second youth… The two cars in question – Camaro vintage 1968 – have thus passed decades in an Arizona barn

in the USA. Before an enthusiast gets in touch with their owner and sort of their shelter.

Beauty treatment

One had at the time been purchased for parts, and was to serve as an organ bank per second. For lack of time and resources, their owner had never made his plans a reality. Leaving these American women to rot in the back of a barn.

Armed with patience and passion, this amateur mechanic got down to gradually put them back on their feet, cleaner every corner of their body, changing every used part, to put them back in the same state Mint almost original. Cars ready to hit the road towards new horizons.

He made on this occasion a video showing step by step transformation – radical – of these two sportswomen who were once asleep.

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