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This Audi R8 is a replica based on Toyota MR2

Buying the car of your dreams can sometimes come at a price. The owner of this Toyota MR2 has thus decided not to spend the money to transform it, to be able to give it the appearance of an Audi R8.

The sports / luxury car replicas from much less noble models are still talking about them. After the Lamborghini Aventador based on Honda Civic and the Reliant Rialto transformed into Delorean DMC-12 today is a Toyota MR2 which turns into Audi R8!

This counterfeit, which we owe to installation of a specific kit, is certainly enough amazing because of its look and proportions. But the choice of this model is rather judicious for make believe in an Audi R8.


The Toyota MR2 just like the Pontiac Fiero is very regularly chosen for this type of operation. Indeed, the Japanese woman shares with the sports car from Audi an engine configuration in rear central position (behind the seats), the same sport / comfort alliance

for everyday use, and far below some sports cars.

For the rest, the comparison stops there. This replica remains a real Toyota MR2, with its chassis, engine and running gear. Although the deception is accentuated by the addition of original Audi lights : A4 at the front, TT at the rear.

British roots

Offered for sale at auctions in the United States from $ 25,000, it is in very good condition, sporting an elegant racing blue. For the record, this is a vehicle originally registered in the UK, which still has its own steering wheel on the right.

A quick check of its plate on the website of the British Ministry of Transport allows you to see what is really hidden under this Audi R8. Take the test for yourself by entering the number L507KTO.

You will see that its ramage is very different from its plumage …

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