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Mercedes celebrates 50 years of the airbag … with a fashion collection

Fifty years ago, Mercedes filed its first patent for an airbag! And in 2021, the brand presents a collection of inflatable clothes.

L’airbag a 50 years ! Finally, according to Mercedes, which fixes its birth at the filing of a patent for a ” system for protecting the occupants of a motor vehicle in the event of an impact ” on 1971. Reality, as with most innovations, is a little more complex. Several engineers are working on air bag systems separately. But historically the first cars to be equipped with standard airbags are American, in the early 1970s.

It would then be necessary to wait until 1980 to see the first airbags in a production Mercedes. As often, it is the S-Class which is responsible for present this innovation to the general public. The system is still very rare in Europe, especially as Mercedes coupled its release to the arrival of self-retracting seat belts


Twelve years later, driver and passenger airbags are now standard on much of the Mercedes range. Since, the airbags are constantly evolving, and especially to spread in the passenger compartment: curtain airbag, central, knees, progressive … Even in the seat belt.

An inflatable fashion collection!

Airbags have therefore, in 50 years, proved their worth in terms of road safety. Enough to celebrate the whole so ! And Mercedes has decided to mark the occasion in a rather special way. At the end of August, the brand à l’Étoile launched a fashion collection in collaboration with Heron Preston. These garments are designed from recycled interior materials, and can be inflate and deflate like an airbag !

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