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which brands are cutting prices?

With the sharp rise in fuel prices, various brands are mobilizing to thwart this dynamic and support motorists. Discover the brands that cut the prices!

For several weeks, the grumbling against the rising fuel prices is getting bigger. After Leclerc and Carrefour, it is now the sign Casino which offers a new solution to counter the surge in prices. We recap the offers available to the different stations-services !

The price at the pump keeps rising

In certain service stations, notably in Paris or in certain cities in the Paris region, the price of gasoline has recently come close to 2 euros the liter. Unheard of for many years.

And on average, over the past year, the increases have been staggering for all fuel categories. The unleaded 95 E10 for example has undergone an increase of almost 20% in its price in less than a year, with an average of 1.586 euro per liter. Diesel also underwent a similar increase to reach on average 1.469 euros per liter.

An even greater increase than in the fall of 2018, when the financial crisis exploded. Yellow vests, triggered among other things by the increase in the price of fuel. And unfortunately for motorists, the current surge should continue for some time, while prices will remain high in the coming years.

To relieve a minimum the wallet motorists, various brands offer solutions concerning prices at the pump. Here is what they offer!

Carrefour: a discount of € 5 per tank

The group, led by Alexandre Bompard, decided to donate five euros discount for each tank of gasoline from 25 liters. This bonus will be available as a voucher or on the customer’s loyalty card. It will be necessary to go to the cashier of the station-essence to benefit from this discount. The offer is valid until October 30.

Leclerc: cost price of fuel

At the house of Leclerc, the offer has been launched since October 12 already : the group president, Michel-Edouard Leclerc announced that the fuel would be sold at cost price at all of the group’s gas stations, except those located on highways. The offer is valid until October 30.

Casino: cost price and voucher

Finally, for the brand Casino, fuel is also sold at cost price, in nearly 100 supermarkets and 35 hypermarkets across France. The offer is valid from Thursday to Sunday only. The Casino group will also offer vouchers at the end of the week, the value of which is equivalent to the difference between € 1 and the price paid per liter.

For example, for a full 25 liters at 1.55 €, the brand will offer a voucher of 14 €. This offer will therefore be, we repeat, valid from Friday to Sunday and cannot be combined with fuel at cost price.

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