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how to recharge it without breaking the bank?

Do you have an electric vehicle and do you have a home terminal? Here’s how not to explode your electricity bill at the end of the month!

Reload his electric vehicle Where plug-in hybrid at home is generally less expensive than going through terminals, including those provided by the manufacturers themselves. But if you need to recharge your vehicle regularly, your electricity bill can climb quickly!

Fortunately, there are a few ways to lower your electric bill at the end of each month. We take stock.

Choose a specific “off-peak” offer

When you buy a electric vehicle and you want to charge it at home using a specific terminal, you have every interest in subscribing to a specific offer for electric vehicles.

Certain suppliers thus offer offers specially intended for these vehicles, and make it possible to benefit from preferential rates, by allowing night charging to be programmed, for example, at off-peak hours. This therefore gives drivers who make their journeys during the day the possibility of recharging their vehicle’s battery at a lower cost when they no longer need it anyway. Convenient, isn’t it?

Thanks to these solutions, you can leave your car plugged in at any time and the charging system will decide when it will start. Here, in this case, at off-peak hours such as in the middle of the night for example.

Please note, in return for this attractive price during off-peak hours, the cost in peak hours is slightly higher. This subscription is also more expensive than the so-called “classic” rates.

An interesting choice for regular users

This type of offer is especially attractive for motorists who very regularly use their electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Indeed, the savings achieved with off-peak charging are more and more interesting as the vehicle consumes energy. For example, if you are using a Nissan Leaf on a daily basis and you cover a lot of kilometers, this type of offer can be very interesting.

On the other hand, if you drive in Renault Zoe and you only use your small electric city car a few days a week, the offer is much less attractive. The higher price of the subscription is therefore no longer justified.

In other words, this solution is mainly intended for large wheelers and / or those who often ride electric.

Comparison of the offers available on the market:

Within the hexagon, there are several suppliers which offer an offer specifically intended for electric vehicles. Here is a summary table of current offers:

Provider Offer Annual subscription Full hours Off-peak hours Weekend / Super off-peak hours
EDF Auto Electric Green
Off-peak hours option
204.60 0.1940 0.1165
Auto Electric Green
Off-peak hours + Weekend option
204.24€ 0.2144€ 0.1267€ 0.1267€
ENGIE Elec’Car 193.89€ 0.1941€ 0.1165€
TOTAL ENERGY Super Off-peak Hours 185.03€ 0.1821€ 0.1360€ 0.1106€

Produce your own electricity

An alternative solution may be to come and produce your own electricity. The electric vehicle associated with a charging installation dedicated to it is a significant investment but which proves to be very attractive in the long term.

To help those interested, theState has provided aid for this type of initiative. There are for example the solar panels as well as photovoltaic modules, easier to set up.

However, before embarking on such a purchase, it is important to educate yourself beforehand. If only to be sure to achieve long-term profitability based on your situation and your needs.

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