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he leaves a barrel in the middle of a straight line!

Captured by a dashcam, this spectacular accident which took place in the United States caused a great fright to this SUV driver.

The action takes place at United States, on what appears to be a national road that crosses a commercial area. In other words, a decor that could not be more banal! A driver accompanied by a passenger drive a Buick Enclave SUV, a typical American juggernaut, capable of carrying seven people and powered by a block V6 from 275 or 288 hp. Fortunately for us, another vehicle that precedes the SUV films the scene with a dashcam rear mounted whose images have been reversed. This explains why the steering wheel appears on the right. You can see the Buick stationary, probably at a carrefour.

Saving reflex

While waiting for the light to turn green, the driver suddenly sees un pick-up Ford white in his rearview mirror. So far, nothing surprising, especially in Uncle Sam’s country. The problem is that the utility arrives much too quickly! For some unknown reason, the latter makes a swerving on the right and, helping his very high center of gravity, lose control, hit a car behind the Buick and finished its race on the roof while sliding on the road.

Seeing that he is going to be hit in his turn, the driver of the SUV has the presence of mind to accelerate, which allows him toavoid in collision any collision.

Unknown context

Unfortunately, the story does not say why the Ford pickup violently left in swerving. We also do not know if its occupants were injured. Often, commercial vehicles offer poorer occupant protection than “normal” cars.

It also appears that suspensions too soft combined with a large mass are at the origin of its overturning. We also imagine that the driver of the Buick SUV must have pushed a “phew” of relief after avoiding this awesome projectile come out of nowhere.

Check out the video of this spectacular flight below:

Idiot flips his truck over for no reason. from IdiotsInCars

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