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Supercharging prices for all

In the Netherlands, Tesla is testing the opening of its network of Superchargers to competitive models, with competitive prices.

Tesla’s network of Superchargers was, until now, exclusively reserved for customers of the American manufacturer. But recently, the boss of the brand Elon Musk announced that customers of electric vehicles of competing brands could soon use Tesla Superchargers. This greatly facilitates journeys, since there are no less than 6,000 Superchargers of the brand in Europe alone, including 1,000 in France.

Of Netherlands, Tesla is currently carrying out experiments in this direction, by opening its Superchargers to all models of electric cars. The American firm is thus attacking its competitor Ionity, whose development is accelerating despite recent breakdowns causing dissatisfaction with its users.

Tesla superchargers: from € 0.24 per kWh

To charge your third-party electric car on a Tesla Supercharger in the Netherlands, you will have to count on a tariff of 0,57 €/kWh, versus 0,24 €/kWh for the brand’s models. But this preferential rate is also available to all customers, subject to a subscription of 13 € per month. However, be careful with long journeys, since Tesla would have provided a limit of 5 recharges per day, for models of competing brands. For comparison, the price is currently € 0.36 / kWh for Tesla customers in France.

At Ionity, recharging is billed for the time spent: in France, it takes € 0.79 per minute, with a reduced price of € 0.35 / min for Ionity Passport customers, with a subscription of 17 , € 99 / month. In other European countries, Ionity is billed per kWh consumed, with a rate of € 0.79 / kWh, reduced to € 0.35 / kWh for subscribers. Tesla therefore has a significant price advantage over its main competitor!

For the moment, no information has been released regarding a possible deployment of this new service from Tesla in the rest of Europe. You will have to wait a little longer before you can recharge your competing electric car on the Tesla network …

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