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The largest collection of cars from the movie “Cars” in the world

You are no doubt familiar with Cars, that animated film from Pixar studios released in 2006. A fan recently entered the Guinness Book of Records for his impressive collection of figurines featuring the characters of the franchise.

Upon release in 2006, the Animation Film Cars studios Pixar had been talked about a lot. As a reminder, the film follows the adventures of Flash McQueen, a race car used to circuits and rings of speed who finds herself lost in a small village deep in the American West called Radiator Springs.

Taking models of vehicles – cars, trucks, planes – existing, the film gives them human appearances (eyes and mouth) where each is represented by more or less pictorial clichés. So the Jeep Willys is a tough guy, the Volkswagen T2 a hippie, the FIAT 500 a slightly crazy Italian, and tractors… are cows!

So much funny and quirky appearances and personalities who made the movie success, which was subsequently entitled to two other components, in 2011 and 2016.


With such success not escaping the “geniuses” of marketing, the franchise was derived in dozens of products bearing the image of the film : T-shirt, mugs, soft toys, and automotive figurines obviously


Certain unconditional fans, children or grown-ups, have embarked on a collection of these figurines, like Jorge Arias. So much so that this Mexican is recently entered in the Guinness Book of records, with 1,200 derived objects in his collection! We recognize the main characters dear to the series: Flash, Sally, Martin, Doc Hudson, but also a whole bunch of other protagonists.

Currently stored at home, he them gladly open to visitors, so that fans from all over the world make the trip to come and admire them on pilgrimage!

With family

It all started from her daughter, who asked him a few years ago to buy him a figurine so that he could play with his neighbor. Seduced by their level of realism and their vivid colors, the passion of Jorge Arias for these small objects has not left him since. So much so that today he remains on the lookout for less room to add to its collection.

Today we wonder which of the two is having the most fun: the daughter or the father?

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