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what is payload

Payload is an important concept that should not be overlooked when it comes to charging your motorhome. We will explain everything to you !

Whether by car, motorhome or campervan, the payload is a technical data specific to each vehicle, very often neglected. Motorhomes that can be driven with a B license have a maximum GVW of 3.5 tonnes, i.e. if your vehicle weighs for example 2.7 tonnes (MVOM), you can transport to maximum 800 kg on board so as not to be in violation: this is the payload.

To calculate the payload of your motorhome, you need to know the PTAC (Total Authorized Loaded Weight) of your vehicle, which you will find in the case F.1 of your vehicle registration document, as well as the MVOM (Empty Weight in Running Order), indicated in the case G :

Payload = PTACMVOM

Payload of a motorhome: how to optimize it

If you want to buy a motorhome or converted van, take care to do not exceed the payload of your vehicle: in fact, each option or additional equipment adds significant weight to the interior. For example, a television weighs between 2 and 5 kg depending on its size, while a roof air conditioning adds no less than 30 kg on the scale: as much less weight you will have to take your personal effects!

So think and calculate well before opting for comfort equipment which could quickly increase the payload of your motorhome: drop-down bed, coupling, blinds,… Or you can also choose a compact motorhome, which has a lower empty mass.

And be careful not to neglect these figures: indeed, the motorhome checks by law enforcement are commonplace. In case of exceeding up to 5% of the authorized PTAC, you incur a fine of 4th class (135 €, reduced to 90 €), and in the event of a greater overrun of up to 20%, your motorhome may be immobilized. Beyond that, you risk a fine of 5th class (1,500 €) and a conviction by the Police Court, which may pronounce a loss of points on your driving license. In addition, your insurance could also implicate exceeding the payload in the event of an accident, and will refuse to compensate you … Be vigilant!

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