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SongSan Dolphin: Chinese neo-retro inspired by Corvette

This Corvette C1 has nothing to do with the original 1953 model. It is a model created from scratch but incorporating the general aesthetics of the legendary sports car from Chevrolet.
A new example of neo-retro, which affects all manufacturers, including Chinese, and seems to be intensifying in the automotive market.

the neo-retro phenomenon, which consists of proposing modern cars resuming the aesthetics and the philosophy of models of yesteryear is not entirely new. From 1998, Volkswagen resuscitated his ladybug original in New Beetle rather successful, Ford sa Thunderbird and 2002, et Chrysler paid homage to American hot-roads with its PT Cruiser, unveiled in 2000.

If these few models were anecdotal, today there seems to be a generalized enthusiasm from the builders to offer “current” versions of their mythical models.

Back to the origins

Honda has thus resuscitated its legendary Civic in an electric version called “e”, Hyundai sa Pony with the last IONIQ 5, Peugeot sa 504 Coupé in the form of a concept car called « e-Legend “, and Renault has already announced relaunching R4 and R5.

We are also witnessing the retrofit mode, which consists in installing electric motors and batteries in cars of thermal origin but the process is not the same.

On the side of Chinese manufacturers, neo-retro has not escaped the plans of designers. These last months have multiplied vehicles paying homage to (Western) models of yesteryear. The Volkswagen ladybug has thus evolved into a Great Wall Wey V72, the Transporter on SongSan Summer and the BMW 2002 on Great Wall Futurist.


Another curiosity and not the least, SongSan (which belongs to Chinese electric giant BYD) lifted the veil on an astonishing ” Chevrolet Corvette C1 », A model distributed by General Motors between 1953 and 1962. The American, at the time, was taken with the choice by a six-cylinder in line or a V8. This redesigned 2021 version, called ” Dolphin ” resumes line by line the lines of this original model (where, it is true, the other models cited were rather inspirations).

But here, no big engine. The Chinese-American is propelled by a 315 horsepower hybrid engine precisely.

Currently available for purchase for the equivalent of 75 000 euros, she suggests discovering (or rediscovering) the pleasure of riding hair in the wind in belle « Corvette Of the Roaring Twenties.

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