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Mercedes would also be involved in the case!

In addition to Volkswagen already pinned, several brands were also suspected in the Dieselgate affair. Mercedes at the top of the list, will have to explain.

You have heard enough about it and yet the Dieselgate resurfaced. And not for good reasons. This grotesque affair of rigging on polluting emissions during homologation tests had condemned Volkswagen to pay several tens of billions of euros. It is now the turn of Mercedes to be threatened for the same reasons, detailed report in support.

Up to 500% higher rejects!

The accusation comes from the DUH (Deutsche Umwelfthlife), German environmental association created in 1975 and supported by Europe. This clearly indicates the presence of eight suspicious software in Mercedes Class E350 d (2016 model). Equipped with a Euro 6 diesel engine, the road announced precisely lower emissions compared to the previous version. These particular devices are able to differentiate the homologation test from the current use of the vehicle and thus modify the behavior of the engine.

In everyday life, the management – which should be standardized – of particles is disabled. “Even in normal driving, at least one shut-off device almost always actively prevents the improvement in pollutant emissions – even if this is not necessary physically or for the protection of the engine”, specifies the DUH. This would mean, according to the same source, that the emissions of nitrogen oxides would be 500% higher

to the limit permitted by law …

Awkward defense?

Dieselgate is first and foremost a big money business. The United States had struck hard from the start with multiple fines exceeding 10 billion euros. Mercedes is therefore trying to defend itself by “collaborating with the European authorities” as best they can. The brand affirms that “the settings described are known, and cannot be qualified as illegal, in a very complex pollution control system”. So no cheating but an accumulation of unwelcome circumstances? This is not in the opinion of Felix Domke.

This specialist in engine management analysis “is an expert in software for engine controls and has already worked as an expert for theGerman Federal Authority automotive transport for independent analysis of software implementation in relation to illegal circumvention devices. He also acted, always as an expert, within the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the vw emissions scandal on 2017“, Continues the report of the association.

the KBA, the German Federal Automobile Agency, has reacted to the conclusions. For now, she announces that the eight devices are not illegal and awaits further evidence. The association therefore still has its work to do and the Dieselgate scandal is still far from having delivered all its surprises.

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