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Tesla-powered Beetle challenges Porsche GT3 RS

Forget The Hare and the Tortoise, David against Goliath, or the Horatii against the Curiaces, the contemporary (and automotive) 2021 duel pits a Porsche GT3 RS against a very special Volkswagen Beetle …

When we compare two opponents whose appearance, build and strength seem opposites, we often take as an example The hare and the tortoise, David against Goliath, or the Horatii against the Curias. Symbols of fighting that seem lost in advance, they praise the small over the large, the weak over the strong, the silent over the noisy. To illustrate in a new way these duels of antagonists, we could now take as a purely automotive example this most offbeat duel: a Volkswagen Beetle for a Porsche GT3 RS !

The beast … and the beast

No you heard right, two vehicles which, at first glance, are fiercely opposed ! Certainly if we take a look at history, the first Porsche 356s were based on ladybug, but today that seems to be the only common point that we can find them. However, let’s silence the doubt now: the Beetle in question is not driven by its placid original four-cylinder flat: it actually inherits an original Tesla Model S electric motor

! On paper, the Porsche, however, remains more powerful with 520hp against 450, but fishing by a heavier weight (1,430 against 1,050kg) and especially a couple, electric obliges, weaker than that of the Beetle (470 against 675 Nm).

We must leave on time

Like a nod to the mythical fable, on the circuit, the Beetle is doing very well, snatching victory two out of three times from the Porsche ! It should be noted for her defense that on her first attempt she somewhat missed her start, making it difficult to catch up with the thermal sportswoman. For other times, however, she is managed to win from the start, thanks to an explosive couple, a pace that was difficult to follow for the Porsche ! La Fontaine had spoken the truth!

Check out this video here:[fpvideomediaid=”https://youtube/v6iGXL0Q4wc”ab_channel=”carwow”no_top_page=’yes'[fpvideo mediaid=« https://youtube/v6iGXL0Q4wc »ab_channel= »carwow » no_top_page=’yes’

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