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a new, more efficient generation under study

Road Safety is working on renewing section radars, and is studying a new generation of radars responsible for calculating your average speed.

The French state does not lack imagination when it comes to deploy speed cameras on our roads : increasingly formidable little gems of technology, such as urban radars or the famous private radar cars. But other models have been in operation for many years, such as the section radars which were inaugurated in 2012, and of which there are now around 100 units in service.

Also called average speed radar, the section radar makes it possible to calculate the average speed of a vehicle between two points, several hundred meters or kilometers away: its operation is possible thanks to the installation of two terminals, which constitute a monitored road segment, and ” a simple calculation once the vehicles are detected on entry and then exit.

After almost ten years of career, it will soon be time for the current section radars to give way to a new, even more sophisticated model. According to site information, the Department of Automated Control (DCA) of the Ministry of the Interior recently published a request for information, with the aim of developing a new type of section radar.

Section speed cameras: a new movable and autonomous version

The specifications are close to the operation of a current section radar: the new generation must be able, with video support, to recognize and read the license plates of vehicles between two points, and to calculate their average speed. between these. The device must be operational day and night, on all traffic lanes, thanks to an infrared lighting beam.

Finally, it should be possible to move the system, to install it on an already existing mast, and even to make it autonomous thanks to the integration of a battery. Thus, like autonomous site radars, the goal is to be able to move the device regularly, in order to take the motorist by surprise

No date of entry into service has yet filtered, but there is no doubt that this new generation of section radar should soon land on our roads!

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