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Peugeot 208: badly parked, this car is blocked by shopping trolleys!

The supermarkets Despite offering a self-service concept, it is still not allowed to do everything you want! This is what the driver of a Peugeot 208 learned the hard way. He went to a store in Temperley, in the Buenos Aires region, in Argentina. Is this by distraction or laziness that he has found nothing better than to park in the area reserved for metal trolleys. Still, this incivility has annoyed more than one, whether on the side of customers or store employees.


In the case of the story that concerns us today, it seems that the people who are responsible the good maintenance of the supermarket parking lot have been hampered in the proper conduct of their task. So much so that they saw red and wanted to give the Peugeot driver a change. To do this, they decided to gather the shopping carts around the car, so as to lock it up. And in view of the photos taken by a witness to the scene, it worked rather well since the French city car was literally surrounded by dozens of metal trolleys.


One can easily imagine the astonishment of the owner of the Peugeot 208 when he found his car surrounded in this way. It is also interesting to ask the question of how he got out of this awkward and awkward situation. In France, this situation is quite difficult to imagine because it could easily have been resolved with a little more diplomacy for a question of image of the sign concerned. However, there is something enjoyable about watching this car stuck because of its owner’s disrespectful behavior, just like the videos of vehicles illegally parked in squares. reserved for people with reduced mobility who get their military manu removed!

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