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She throws her cup on an NSX and hits a car

Someone in a Honda Civic and more focused on dirtying a great NSX than on the road. The stupid accident happens immediately.

Jealousy sometimes makes some people do totally silly and crazy things. The woman in that black Honda Civic thus closely resembles someone particularly bitter.

Incomprehensible behavior

Driving down the highway, she sees a first-generation Acura (Honda’s luxury division in the United States) NSX in near new condition. If some may be admiring, impressed or simply indifferent, this was not the case. For some reason we don’t know she chose to throw away the contents of her cup, then the cup itself, on the NSX for the sole purpose of making it dirty. A deplorable attitude that will cost him dearly!

The flashback

Indeed, just after his gesture, the person at the wheel surely had to be more focused on the Japanese supercar than on the road

. However, there was a slowdown on her lane but she did not see it thyou run into the car the previous one.

Fortunately, the speed was low enough. However, the shock was still severe enough to trigger the airbags of the Honda. All the same, let’s have a thought for poor Cadillac who hadn’t asked anyone for anything.

A sincere laugh

The video was filmed by Ron Baugh who was following the NSX to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas (which explains the care given to it). We also benefit from a camera angle on it allowing it to see his hilarious reaction when the Civic stops dead, victim of karma!

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