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Spectacular looking Gallardo replaces V10 with 2JZ

This Lamboghini Gallardo is surely the craziest car of the SEMA Show 2021 but some will cry infamy when they discover its technical sheet.

V10 vs. 2JZ

If the atmospheric V10 makes this Lamborghini sing like a diva, the preparers of Street Aero have yet chosen to replace her. To do this, they selected another legendary engine from the automotive world. This one has nothing to do with Italy since it comes straight from Japan. This is the famous 2JZ found under the hood of the Supra!

In the 1320Video YouTube video Bryce Yaeger of Street Aero says the launch of this crazy project comes from friends who told him it would be impossible to do. A man of challenge, he did not hesitate to roll up his sleeves (and those of the other mechanics in his workshop at the same time) to fit the 6-cylinder under the back cover of the Gallardo.

A not so simple job

The work has not been easy. Once everything was installed in the engine bay and connected to the mechanical gearbox of the Lamborghini, they noticed that the assembly protruded from 15 to 20 cm in the passenger compartment

Italian. It was then necessary to stretch the cradle by about 10 cm to be able to install it!

A largely boosted engine

Of course, there was no question of keeping the 2JZ in stock version. He was attached a 85mm turbo! Bryce Yaeger also explains that the engine was designed around this turbo. The rest of the block has been adapted to run the turbine at full capacity. He adds that he can develop up to 1,500 hp but that he is aiming for a power of 1,000 reliable hps. An already respectable power representing twice the original Gallardo.

A Gallardo unlike any other

As you can see, the style has been extensively reworked with a front face giving pride of place to carbon and a completely stripped back part. And you, what do you think of this Gallardo 2JZisée?

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