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where do cars imported to France come from?

Many used cars are imported into France each year. But where do they come from? A study ranks the 15 countries that export the most to France, with some nice surprises …

This year, around 6 million cars were sold on the second-hand market in France. Against around 2 million new cars! And among these occasions slip many imported cars. Sometimes more affordable prices, different options, additional choices, there are many reasons to import your car from abroad. The used car specialist CarVertical has decided to look into these imports, to see where do these foreign opportunities come from. And one country stands out very well in the lead …

Indeed, according to CarVertical, which is based on the analysis of used car condition reports, 85% of used cars imported into France come from Germany. Very very large majority therefore! Several reasons lead to this domination, some obvious, others less. First, the offer, of course. Many models are produced in Germany (Opel, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, etc.), and above all are cheaper in the country. They are indeed often available at a lower level of finish than those available in France. In short, a godsend for any fan of German brands willing to travel a bit to collect their car.

Some surprises in the ranking!

The rest of the ranking is of course more fragmented. In second position we find Belgium, with just under 5% of used cars

imported. The absence of a language barrier in a good part of the country is surely for something, not to mention the fact that the country borders on France. Prices are also often lower for an equivalent model.

Spain also takes advantage of its geographical position to close the podium (1.6%). But the country is on the heels of the United States, with 1.3% of cars imported. There, no question of geographical proximity or lower prices, but quite simply ofa radically different automotive offer from ours, which still appeals to many enthusiasts. As such, we could also expect Japan to have a good position, but the country of the Nissan GT-R only comes in 14th position, behind Belarus, the Netherlands, and… Nepal! Difficult to understand the presence of the small Asian country in this list. It is also difficult to understand the absence of the United Kingdom: there is no shortage of cars for enthusiasts, however, and often at low prices to compensate for the steering wheel on the right. Maybe we have to see it already an effect of Brexit

Source : CarVertical

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