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the electric truck straight out of the future!

Volta Trucks wants to build the world’s first 16 tonne electric trucks. For this, prototypes have already been created and are in the testing phase.

During his presentation in 2019, the truck Zero was seen as an ambitious project, like so many before it. Two years later, the builder Time is still talked about for good reasons. The Swedish company is in the process of producing 25 prototypes of its 16 tons electric which will be ready to be tested from January 2022. A world first which however has some specificities.

From project to reality

« When the Volta Zero was revealed in September 2020, some thought its revolutionary and world-unique design and packaging was there just for the show. And that the truck could never reach the production stage“Declared Ian Collins, production manager at Volta Trucks. One thing is certain now, this 16 tons going to take the path of commercialization. The brand’s factory, based in Steyr, Austria, should be able to start manufacturing trucks at the end of 2022.

Since the original vehicle, Volta has modified all body panels as well as the interior layout, closer to a bus than to a traditional heavy goods vehicle. The driving position

is clearly lower as can be seen in the pictures. Some minor changes were also made with the appearance of anthracite leather. The teak parquet has also been replaced with more wear-resistant rubber mats.

Too fair an autonomy?

These tests will initially be conducted by Volta engineers before customers have a chance to try out the prototypes. These are also developed in the United Kingdom, unlike the final production. The brand must first pass the security testing and various crash tests. Then she planned to take her vehicles in quite extreme places like arctic or at the equator. The objective is thus to put the Zero in a regular delivery situation, under all possible conditions.

The Zero thus has a range estimated between 153 to 201 km by Volta. The latter wishes to eliminate approximately 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 by 2025 by replacing conventional diesel trucks with its own electric vehicles. But that does very little for extra-urban journeys, thus limiting it for the moment to large metropolises.

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