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No deaths in this Nissan Altima folded in half

When you see what remains of this Nissan passed under the wheels of a truck, you can tell yourself that its driver is a hair’s breadth away!

This terrible accident took place on a bridge in Mt. Vernon, Washington, USA. For some reason, a truck could not brake in time and finished his race in a Nissan altima who was in front of him. The shock was so violent that the Japanese car was literally crushed, to the point that its body collapsed. folded in on itself and that the rear axle now points towards the sky!

A rare accident

According to a firefighter who intervened on the scene, it was an accident of incredible violence. Fortunately, an accident like the members of the security services sees very little in their careers.

In fact, the Nissan was hit and under the violence of the shock, was propelled into the truck in front of her. The heavy vehicle in question was unable to slow down and passed over the car which acted as a sort of ramp. When help arrived, they immediately thought of a deadly accident

… Until the moment they heard in the tangle of metal someone calling for help!

Minor injuries

To free the poor driver, it took block the highway and summon a crane truck for help lifting the heavy truck on top of the Nissan. When this was done, the lady was able to crawl out of the wreckage. The most incredible in this story is that this one only complained about rib pain and a headache !

According to firefighters, the fact that the Nissan folded in half like a pizza calzone protected its occupant. In her misfortune, she had a lot of chance

A real miracle!

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