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Tesla Model X gets shot at AK47

A YouTuber tests a bulletproof windshield mounted on a Model X by firing at it with a Russian AK47 assault rifle.

You probably know that some cars are equipped with various armor and other bulletproof glass. Some may indeed feel a need for more protection than the average car driver that we are.

Armored glass vs AK47

In order to know how resistant these glasses are, the American YouTuber FullMag took the test! For this he hasInstalled bullet proof windshield from Armormax on a Tesla Model X. He then simply shot him, especially with the famous russian assault rifle AK47, also called Kalashnikov.

To check the solidity of the whole, a few bullets are first fired at a good distance. Slow-motion footage shows the balls bouncing off the glass and do not pierce him. The top layer however lets appear some cracks.

It then goes to an impressive 50 caliber

, much larger than the 7.62 cartridges of the AK47. But again, glass resists and any occupants would have escaped unscathed.

No perforation, even at close range

The youtubeur then goes back to the AK47 to fire a burst of a dozen shots at point blank range. Despite a large number of debris flying in the air, the windshield does its job and nothing crosses it!

During the first phase of the experiment, a bullet did not reach the glass as expected and went perforate the hood. After a little analysis at the end of the video, it turns out that it did not enter the passenger compartment since it was stopped by an air conditioning duct.

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