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a limiter compulsory in every new vehicle from 2022!

By July 2022, all new new vehicles will be equipped with an automatic speed limiter: the AIV. This will activate at the slightest speeding.

a super speed limiter ? This will soon be the case from next year on new new cars! The European regulations has indeed officially adopted the November 17 a text to this effect.

From July 2022, all new car models will adopt a system ofIntelligent Speed ​​Adaptation (AIV) who will constantly check whether the vehicle complies with the Speed ​​Limit in force on the route on which it operates.

The arrival of this integrated limiter is part of the European ambition Vision Zero, who wishes to see the death toll drop to zero by 2050 in Europe.

How does AIV work?

This system makes it possible to directly restrict the “performance” of a car fitted with it as soon as it exceeds the speed limits of the road taken.

To know the limitation in force, the AIV will directly collect the necessary information through cameras to read the signs as well as a geolocation system permanently activated and connected to a map service.

For models without a navigation system, geolocation will be made using the SIM card and the GPS beacon emergency call system eCall, mandatory equipment on all new cars since 2018.

The AIV will be deployed in two stages on the vehicles. From July 2022, the AIV will concern all new models of new vehicles sold in Europe

. The latter will be equipped automatically.

Then from July 2024, this will concern all vehicles leaving production lines which will have the AIV, even for models marketed before July 2022.

Impossible speeding?

With this system, are we done with the speeding on the roads ? In any case, this is the objective that is aimed at with the establishment of the AIV.

Once the system is active, if the motorist is moving at a speed greater than that expected by the given environment, the AIV will be able to command gradual deceleration of the car by reducing the available power or by “hardening” the pedal stroke accelerator. In parallel, visual and audible alert will be triggered if the authorized speed is exceeded.

Note that the system will operate as An assistance, and it will be, like the Start & Stop for example, deactivatable each time the car is started. Also, the motorist will always remain in control in his vehicle and will always be able to “force” the acceleration.

Speeding will therefore always be possible, even if with the AIV activated, the task will be less obvious. Another solution will be to deactivate it, but we can already imagine the problems vis-à-vis insurance companies, who could consider this action as an aggravating factor in the event of an accident, for example.

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