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Mandatory charging stations in England, and France?

This will be done, all new buildings across the Channel will have to have electric car terminals from 2022. But what is France proposing on this subject?

In the UK, the electric car is taking off at more than 10% of sales, and the government is working hard. After advancing the end date for thermal vehicle sales to 2030, Boris Johnson announced a new measure for charging stations.

145,000 terminals per year!

To support the growth of new electric vehicles, a lot of new charging stations will be needed. The British Prime Minister said on November 22 that the country will oblige new residences, but also buildings “Such as supermarkets and workplaces” to equip it.

The measurement will be in effect from next year in England, in 2022, adds Boris Johnson. Apart from new constructions, old ones with more than 10 spaces will also have to adopt charging stations when they are renovated.

The goal is to build “145,000 additional charging points each year”. This would come increase the number of current terminals, around “From 250,000”

according to the government.

What is France doing for charging stations?

Our country counts 49,914 public charging points according to Avere, spread over more than 20,600 stations. It’s + 52% since January, but far from the target of 100,000 by the end of 2021.
For charging at home or at work, the State has legislation but not very ambitious. If nothing forces the houses, 75% aid up to € 300 reduces the budget (also valid in residential buildings). Collective housing can receive 50% up to 1,660 €.

In buildings, only pre-equipment is compulsory for all locations, the front feed supports at least 20%. This has been in effect since March 2021, if the car park has more than 10 spaces. As for new buildings open to the public, they must include at least one terminal per 20 locations, and all must comply by 2025.

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