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This Chinese electric SUV announces more than 1000 km of autonomy!

An electric SUV with more than 1,000 km of range, is it really possible? In any case, this is what the GAC Aion LX Plus announces!

What if the champion of autonomy was not called Tesla, but … GAC Aion? This is in any case what affirms this Chinese manufacturer, who has unveiled an electric SUV with crazy autonomy. Where a new Tesla Model S tops out at 657 km, and a Mercedes EQS at 780 km, the SUV GAC Aion LX More ad 1,008 km of autonomy. A number to really take seriously? We tell you everything.

The first thing to take into account in this announcement is the homologation standard used to arrive at these over 1000 km. Logically, GAC Aion uses the Chinese cycle, the CLTC. The latter is reputed to be more generous than our WLTP. It is therefore likely that if the Aion LX Plus were to be approved for Europe, its autonomy decreases significantly, perhaps even below the 900 km mark. But even in this case, the autonomy would remain very impressive!

A gigantic battery

The other explanation for this phenomenon is the size of the battery. Manufacturers may work for the maximum efficiency of their vehicles, no secret: a larger battery promotes autonomy. And that of the GAC Aion Plus is gigantic: 144,4 kWh ! This is far more than the biggest sold on our land, that of the Mercedes EQS measured at 107.9 kWh of useful capacity. This enormous capacity is linked to technological advances by the GAC groups, particularly in terms of the composition of this battery. Thanks to graphene, it would be, according to the manufacturer, 20% smaller and 14% lighter than a conventional battery of equivalent capacity.

In short, an impressive figure, but which remains to be validated on our land.

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