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what do the French think of the electric car?

A new barometer sheds light on the relationship between the French and the electric car, in the face of thermal energy, but also other forms of mobility such as cycling.

The electric car is progressing in sales, but is still little represented compared to diesel or gasoline. What can hold back motorists? Ovo Energy publishes a new barometer in partnership with the FIFG to better understand the French.

Electric struggles to win

In terms of purchase intention during the year, thermal remains No. 1 at 41%, against 32% for hybrid, 15% for electric and 4% for CNG. Shadow on the board, no LPG or E85, while the hydrogen vehicle wins 8% of the responses, while it is anecdotal. But in the longer term, the hybrid car takes pride of place in front of the electric vehicle for the future mobility (39% vs. 36%). The thermal is satisfied with 20%.

The study also spotted a difference according to the populations. “50% of the inhabitants of rural communities say they have a good image against 60% in the Paris region”, and « 16% vs 7% » have a very bad image.

Surprising, diesel keeps a good image at around 80%, even in town, where gasoline drops to 56% against 78% in the countryside. By age, young people would be 58% to be influenced by a candidate for elections favoring low-carbon mobility2, compared to 27% among those 65 and over.

What does the French think of the electric car?

When it is mentioned, the first adjective coming to the idea remains « cher » at 60%, then ” quiet “ (56%), ” restrictive “ (34%) and “Ecological” (33%). The brakes on buying join the two previous drawbacks: almost all cite low autonomy, high cost and the lack of terminals.

In case of switching from thermal to electric, the first reason (among 7 proposed) is to “Face the fuel tariff” at 40%. Only a third chose “For ecological reasons”. Nevertheless, half of those questioned “Thinks that the electric car is better for the environment ».

Another lesson is that 64% agree that companies should convert their fleets. But stop the ban! Barely 30% of the French would approve the elimination of thermal in the city center (38% of urban vs. 24% of rural).

Cycling seduces but few consider it

Unlike the car, the French are unanimous with 89% positive image of cycling, and 79% electric (which 50% find expensive and 40% practical). However, half are planning a purchase and only 20% of respondents say it is a solution of the future.

In any case, the good old bike is better off than the 2 motorized wheels, little in the odor of sanctity. Only 11% of people associate the motorbike or electric scooter in the future, even 4% in gasoline. Finally, 8% say scooters.

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