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5 stars in Green NCAP tests

The Nissan Leaf has just been awarded the maximum score of 5 stars in Green NCAP tests, which praise its fuel efficiency.

Sold in more than 500,000 units in two generations, the Nissan Leaf is one of the precursors of the electric car, which has been awarded numerous trophies. The independent body Green NCAP has once again distinguished the Japanese 100% electric, this time for its energy performance.

Indeed, the Nissan Leaf e + just got the maximum 5 star rating in the Green NCAP tests, which corresponds to a score of 9,9/10 for its energy efficiency, tested in real conditions as well as in the laboratory. The organization Green NCAP also praised the e-Pedal technology, which allows driving with only the accelerator pedal, using energy regeneration during deceleration.

Nissan Leaf: up to 385 km of range

The Nissan Leaf e + is equipped with a 100% electric motor of 217 horsepower, coupled with a battery of 62 kWh of capacity allowing up to 385 km of autonomy

in mixed cycle WLTP. It can optimize its range thanks to the e-Pedal function, but also thanks to the B and ECO modes, which make it possible to maximize energy regeneration during braking and energy storage.

“The maximum five-star rating awarded to the Nissan LEAF e + by Green NCAP is a powerful testament to the quality of this pioneering product and to Nissan’s absolute expertise in electrification. I would like to thank the entire Research & Development team who made this achievement possible ” said Dave Moss, Senior Vice President Research & Development of Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, Oceania).

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