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he lets go of the steering wheel of his Peugeot 3008 and ends up in the ditch

If the term “autonomous driving” has been used in all our cars in recent years, some take it a little too literally. Like the driver of this Peugeot 3008 who let go of the steering wheel and sat in the back, on the motorway, and at high speed …

The race for autonomous driving technologies galvanizes all car manufacturers. Including mobility operators in recent years. If for more political and infrastructure reasons, so-called “fully autonomous” cars cannot – for the time being – be authorized to circulate freely, some manufacturers are already well advanced. Tesla the first of course, who with his Autopilot system is already running driverless test prototypes in California, or Mercedes-Benz who unveiled on his last EQS electric sedan technologies of autonomous driving level 4 (human intervention is only necessary with rare exceptions such as in the event of bad weather or severely degraded pavement).

Ghost driver

And at Peugeot ? the SUV 3008, the brand’s best-seller and its technological flagship (at least before the presentation of the last 308) only has one autonomous driving level 2, allowing him to remain independent centered in its lane on the motorway.

Thanks to the adaptive regulator, the SUV maintains a constant speed, slows down or accelerates

when another user is present. But not enough to drive with your eyes closed either! A driver of 3008 has just had a little too much confidence in your SUV, and thought it was good on the highway from let go of the steering wheel and settle in the back, blindly entrusting its security to the autonomous system.

It passes… then it breaks!

In embedded video taken by the protagonist himself, we see the cockpit empty of any driver. To make the system believe it was behind the wheel, the man hung the seat belt on the driver’s side and even weighted the wheel of a water bottle to pretend to have their hands on it.

Unfortunately for him this system cannot to replace completely one real human intervention. Although it had driven smoothly for a few minutes, the vehicle then deviated from its trajectory to end up in a field at high speed. No injuries Fortunately, but certainly a lot of breakage, a big fright, and an lesson who for sure will be definitely retained …

Discover the scene in video here:

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