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These 6 good reasons to buy an electric scooter

Haven’t you taken the leap to the electric scooter yet? Here are 6 good reasons to get one!

In recent years, the electric scooter has become a real means of transport in its own right. Especially popular for its urban uses, it has become democratized at breakneck speed since the arrival of self-service scooter players such as Lime, Bolt, Bird or Tier.

Today offered at attractive prices, with an offer that could not be wider, the electric scooter has never been so easy to access. If you still have reservations about the electrified scooter, here is six good reasons to get one!

1. Prices are more accessible than ever

First unbeatable argument, the price ! With some models starting at less than 200 euros, it’s even cheaper than a bicycle. And we’re not even telling you about a new car, including the Citroën AMI without an electric license that starts at 6 990 €.

And if you go slightly upmarket and therefore budget, for less than 500 €, you have a model with exemplary finishes, a large battery and a motor capable of climbing the most inclined slopes in your sector. And the cost of repairs is obviously lower than a classic car!

2. Exit the fuel budget

With exploding prices at the pump, if you can afford it of course, it is in your best interest to ditch your car for short trips. This is where the electric scooter gets interesting! For courses of less than 10 km, in an urban environment, the electric scooter can become a real ally of weight!

Another advantage, your electric scooter can also recharge at your workplace Once the day is over, you can leave with your batteries full! All for a very weak blow, not to say zero.

3. No physical effort required

Unlike the bicycle, the electric scooter does not require no physical effort. You just have to launch the machine and then press with the trigger… Miracle it goes on its own! And admit that it is more pleasant to move in the open air than in the basements of the metro.

Certainly the electric bike also exists, but the (good) models cost much more and must be negotiated at more than 500 €.

4. The scooter does not pollute (or almost)

Just like the electric car, the electric scooter does not pollute, or almost.

Obviously, its manufacturing process and its battery, made of lithium, required resources. Its carbon footprint is therefore high once it leaves the factory. But once on the road, the machine does not emit any fine particles or CO2. Ditto for noise, which are non-existent in the face of thermal scooters for example!

5. The scooter takes up very little space

The electric scooter is very practical. It’s already lighter than a bicycle. Better, the latter remains more practical insofar as they can almost systematically bend!

With a low weight and one small footprint, you can easily store it at home, even in small spaces, and even take it to your workplace!

6. Ideal for most trips

If the electric scooter is practical in these uses, it is also very interesting for all types of trips in urban areas. Able to squeeze into the smallest spaces, you will have many advantages over a scooter and even a bicycle for example!

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