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towards a further rise in prices!

After several price increases on its entry-level model, Dacia will again change the prices on its Sandero!

Dacia will change her price list ! Astonishing when we see that the brand had already inflated its prices in March, June et en October latest. Indeed, according to the info of Worldscoop, a new price reassessment is therefore scheduled for December 1. This will therefore be the fourth price increase for the low-cost city car since the start of the year!

The Sandero will see its prices rise

For the last Sandero, arriving in dealerships at the end of 2020, the cumulative increase is hurting the portfolio! Last March, the variant took 200 €, and the Stepway had increased by € 300. In June, the normal Sandero increased to 300 € and it was until 400 € for the Stepway.

In October, the increase was at + 200 € on normal and + 300 € on the Stepway.

On December 1, the two versions should be revised upwards to € 300. On the other hand, a big blow for the GPL version of the Sandero. The latter suffers the highest inflation with a price that climbs by 500 €, regardless of the level of finish!

Only the entry-level “Essentiel” model, with its small 65 hp SCe petrol engine, was spared. The latter, in order to keep the basic psychological price, will remain below the € 10,000 mark, at 9 990 €.

An increase that is felt

For an entry-level model like the Sandero, these repeated increases are not trivial and are felt, the prices being very low base.

If we take the example of the declension Stepway, the adventurous variant of the small city car, the Essential will now start at € 13,690 with the TCe 90 ch, whereas it was displayed at € 12,590 when it was launched! And for the Eco-G (LPG) version, the price displayed on December 1 will be € 13,890, instead of € 12,590. This makes more than 1,300 € increase!

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