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a tribute to the 4L, drone style!

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the legendary compact, the Renault 4L becomes… A drone!

In 2021, the iconic Renault 4L celebrates its 60th anniversary! And to mark the occasion, Renault presents many events, and even slightly wacky concept cars, like the Suite N ° 4, a veranda on wheels presented last month. In November, the Renault 4 takes off, with this new concept developed with the design specialist TheArsenale. The friendly 4L is simply transformed into a drone, named Air4.

To allow it to take to the air, the Renault 4L has been completely revised. Unsurprisingly, absolutely nothing has been preserved from the original car. The body is in fact a carbon shell, modeled on the shapes of the compact. The objective is of course to limit the weight to the maximum, the sinews of war for all drones. By lifting this body, attached to the front of the drone. Below, the cabin is reduced to its simplest device. A bench accommodates the single occupant, with a few controls and a central screen nested in a carbon structure. A suitcase can be strapped behind the seat.

Up to 94 km / h and 700 m altitude

Technically, this Renault Air4 is powered by four double propellers, and a total electric power of 90,000 mAh. She can fly to a maximum speed of 26 m / s, i.e. 94 km / h, all at a altitude of 700 m.

To continue the festivities around the 4L, Renault will exhibit this Air4 on theAtelier Renault, its storefront on the Champs-Élysées, alongside the Suite N ° 4 concept and other versions of the 4L. While waiting for the future descendant, scheduled for 2023 at the earliest.

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