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Tesla increases prices for Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla raised the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y in several previously untouched markets, such as China and Canada.

With the shortage of semiconductors, it is all the manufacturers who are affected. And to face it, they organize themselves accordingly : cars delivered without all equipment, unavailable options, longer delivery times, etc.

Elon Musk’s company also affected by the crisis

Until then relatively spared by the crisis, Tesla begins to feel the effects of the shortage. The American manufacturer, for example, has postponed the production of new Model S and X for 2023. Recently, the company even announced that it had delivered Tesla Model 3 and Y without USB port !

And if the company had mainly increased the price of its cars on the American market, this time the firm of Elon Musk is forced to increase its prices in a large number of markets. This is particularly the case for the Model 3 and Model Y, the “low-cost” models in terms of sedans and SUVs.

Canada and China experience the biggest increases

In Canada, for example, the price changes operated by Tesla are important. The Model 3 RWD Standard Range was offered at 54 490 $ for example and is today displayed at 59 990 $

! And this large price gap of over $ 5,000 also made the model ineligible for state subsidies. For case, the latter proposed $ 5,000 purchase assistance if the price of the vehicle was between $ 45,000 and $ 55,000.

In China, the price of Model3 has been increased twice in just one week. “The sale price of the Model 3 rear-wheel drive, with a range of 556 kilometers, increased by 1.9%, or 4,572 yuan (638 €), to reach 255,652 yuan or 39,992 dollars (35,716 €) after deduction of discounts ”, Tesla said in a statement. A few days earlier, the price of the Model 3 had already been increased by 6.4%.

For its part, the Model Y has also seen its price increased by almost 2%. Elon Musk’s electric SUV today reaches 280,752 yuan, or 39 223 € after conversion.

For now, the French market is not subject at these prices revised upwards. But nothing says that we will not suffer the same fate in the more or less near future …

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