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This Toyota Land Cruiser is made up of 440,000 Lego!

It took 2,688 man hours for 12 people to assemble this full-size Toyota Land Cruiser. Next to a very real copy, the resemblance is striking. Even the fires light up!

The preferred country of Toyota Land Cruiser is not the United States or Japan, but the United Arab Emirates. They are crazy about this immense 4×4, to the point of reproduce in LEGO! A local Toyota dealership has in fact ordered a fully assembled replica from the famous little bricks. And the result is simply stunning!

Identical, block for block

The work is colossal. Just like the Land Cruiser for that matter. Twelve people worked for 2,688 hours to assemble a total of 440,000 Lego pieces!

On arrival, it respects the exact dimensions of the production model, down to the centimeter. Only difference with the real car, the creation in small bricks weighs 2 050 kg. A Land Cruiser equipped with sound V6 of 3.5 liters reaches the 3 230 kg. A very beautiful baby.

Exhibited in Dubai

If you want to admire this creation, or if you pass in the area, know that it will be visible for a month. It has been exhibited since November 15 in the Dubai Mall, until December 15. To choose, we still prefer the real version, it has a quality that this plastic construction does not have: it rolls! However, it must be recognized that the work accomplished is impressive. Hats off to the artists!

Check out the video of the construction of this Toyota Land Cruiser below:

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