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A scooter miraculously escapes death

As he tries to overtake a truck, this scooter escaped death by braking just in time before the trailer fell on him!

We can’t say it enough, the road is a dangerous place where lack of caution can have dramatic consequences. But situations like the one in the video here are certainly not the most common.

A very reckless truck

Happening on a road in Thailand, a car film via his dashcam. While the car is in the right lane, we see a truck overtake it in the left lane before a scooter slips between the two. The action takes place in the middle of the turn and the truck does not slow down, just like the scooter trying to overtake it.

The trailer tilts and the tires explode!

But the truck is probably going too fast for its trailer which cannot follow. Destabilized, it starts to lean more and more before one or more of its tires explodes

. Problem, the scooter is at this time directly below the trailer!

A happily attentive scooter

Fortunately, the person on the two-wheeler notices the dangerous tilt of the truck and just enough time to pound before the trailer finally falls on the road. He finally got off with a big fright, just like the driver behind the wheel of the heavy truck. The latter could not manage the speed of his truck to prevent this accident which could have been much more dramatic.

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