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Nissan unveils plan for 2030 with 4 new concept cars

With “Ambition 2030”, the Japanese manufacturer announces the transformation of its range towards electric and hybrid, with 50% of models electrified by 2030.

The objective of the “Ambition 2030” plan is to accelerate the electrification of Nissan’s range of vehicles, with an investment of no less than 2,000 billion yen (the equivalent of € 15.6 billion approximately) over the next five years. By 2030, it will be no less than 23 new electrified models (100% electric, or hybrids equipped with e-Power technology) which will appear in the range, including 15 100% electric vehicles.

CO emissions constraints2 increasingly severe in the Old Continent have forced Nissan to put Europe at the heart of this electrification strategy: by 2026 in Europe, electrified models will represent more than 75% of sales Nissan, compared to 55% in Japan and 40% in China. In the United States, the Japanese manufacturer is targeting 40% of its electric sales by 2030.

Nissan: 4 new concept cars

To prefigure the future models of its range, Nissan took the opportunity to unveil no less quatre concept-cars :

the Nissan Chill-Out is a compact crossover concept, based on the CMF-EV platform dedicated to 100% electric vehicles of the Renault-Nissan alliance. He announces the replacement for the Nissan Leaf, which should land in 2024.

the Nissan Max-Out is a two-seater sports convertible concept, which highlights the driving experience with an ultralight design and a low center of gravity.

the Nissan Surf-Out is a concept of pick-up dedicated to lovers of outdoor recreation, and equipped with crossing capabilities, as well as a generous loading space.

Finally, the Nissan Hang-Out is a minivan concept whose life on board has been optimized thanks to its electric motor: the flat floor and generous wheelbase provide a spacious and comfortable interior, while its design eliminates vibrations and jolts, in order to provide a more pleasant experience and try to overcome motion sickness.

Nissan: new technologies on the program

Nissan also plans to develop its advanced driver assistance technologies: the ProPilot system is expected to power over 2.5 million Nissan and Infiniti models by 2026, while the autonomous driving will be developed, with the arrival of new LiDAR systems on the brand’s new models by 2030.

As for electric vehicles, Nissan has announced that its future zero-emission models will be equipped with its own solid batteries (ASSB) by 2028, with production in Yokohama, Japan, from 2024. Less expensive, these batteries will reduce recharging time by a third, while making electric vehicles more accessible. In addition, by 2026 Nissan will invest up to 20 billion yen (equivalent to 156 million euros approximately) in charging infrastructure.

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