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Spotify withdraws its “car view” to listen to music while driving

This is a decision that makes users of the Spotify app bitchy. She decided to withdraw the “car view” to listen to music while driving her car. But the American company would work on a new mode that it would like to put forward.

What is Spotify playing? The American music streaming service has decided to remove the “car view” mode of its application. A car mode that made it possible to simplify the life of motorists wanting to listen to music while driving. Indeed, the interface allows you to avoid using your phone to change title. On its forum, Spotify ensures work on a new specialized mode for the car.

A disappearance noted on the Spotify Community forum

On the help forum set up by the application, a user posted the following subject: ” car view missing“. On his Samsung to the system Android 11, the “car view” had disappeared overnight, without any information given by the company. Like others, he used it every morning and every evening while driving his car when he went to work. Other users around the world responded to his post, and it looks like the “car view” has disappeared, no matter the operating system of the phone (Android or Apple).

Other solutions under study

To reassure Internet users, a moderator came to provide clarifications concerning this disappearance. He first confirms that it is voluntary withdrawal

from the streaming service, in order to set up new features.

Among the potential future solutions, the « car thing » could in particular replace this car mode. It is a small case composed of a dial, a touch screen and a small button on the side. It can be installed like a telephone, on the ventilation grilles on the dashboard. Designed for driving, it also has voice control. Only problem, the tool requires a premium Spotify subscription and still costs 79,99 dollars. It is not available only in the USA for the moment.

What alternatives?

To be able to continue using Spotify with your hands on the wheel, the most plausible alternative remains voice control from your phone. The latter offers you the possibility of controlling your music without using your phone.

In addition, some applications on your smartphone such as Waze Where Google Maps also work with this method. It is indeed possible to configure a streaming service directly from these navigation applications.

In short, despite the removal of car mode from Spotify, you can continue to listen to your favorite songs in traffic!

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