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Dodge Charger and Challenger: the end of the V8 in 2024, the electric approaching!

For many years, Dodge has been resisting. Where the vast majority of manufacturers, including in the United States, focus on downsizing, hybrid and electric, Dodge continues to think bigger. The culmination of this race for power: the Dodge Charger and Challenger Demon, more than 800 hp thanks to huge V8 compressors. A look and a unique sound these days, which have known seduce many fans, including in Europe. But the end of the day is coming soon.

In an interview with Motor Trend, brand CEO Tim Kuniskis announced his strategy for the coming months and years. And the message is clear: the Dodge Charger and Challenger as we know them today will disappear by the end of 2024. The end of an era…

A future electric Dodge of more than 1,000 hp?

But there is no question on the other hand for Dodge to ease off the delusional powers. Kuniskis announced that a first concept electric muscle car will be unveiled in 2022. And Dodge will be able to dig into the new Stellantis organ bank, based on one of the approaching power platforms. This will be the platform STLA Large

, the largest available for classic cars.

This size has a major advantage: a very large battery capacity. Indeed, during the presentation of Stellantis ‘major electrification plan, Carlos Tavares’ teams announced more than 800 km of autonomy for this platform … Enough also to consider very big powers while maintaining a correct autonomy. We can imagine well a future electric Dodge Charger with more than 1,000 hp ! Something to surprise fans of the V8 in the silence of a cathedral on the drag-strip …

Source : Motor Trend

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