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He runs a red light and lands on another car!

When a Dash Cam films a triple accident live, we keep telling ourselves that all these protagonists were very lucky!

4 points and € 135 fine. This is what you incur in France when you cross a red light.

In the United States, and more particularly in Indiana, the faulty driver risk, meanwhile, up to $ 500 fine and 4 penalty points. And a faulty driver, we just have one.

In this video of a crash having recently occurred in the city of Indianapolis, beyond the legal and fiscal consequences, it is mainly for the health of victims that we would have to worry about!

SUV « daltonien »

Thanks to a Dash-Cam attached to the interior of a vehicle having witnessed the scene, we manage to highlight the accident details.

a GMC Acadia run a red light. The SUV drives at full speed and is violently collide by a Honda Pilot arriving from his right. The GMC then lacks run over a pedestrian and end his fall on a Jaguar F-Pace in the opposite direction… on which he finds himself stuck!

The three protagonists are at the end stationary, and well damaged. The pedestrian appears in a corner of the video, visibly except but sounded by what just happened.

More fear than harm

The damage at the end of this accident must be important. Just at the sight of the violence of different impacts which severely affected the vehicles. the Honda SUV looks the most in bad shape, having been torn all its front part by the GMC launched at full speed. This one is doing quite well, although the second shock with the Jaguar seriously hit it.

These three vehicles are further from being antiques, which will certainly be annoying for the insurance and the costs that it will have to pay. Fortunately, all three have had the merit of effectively protect their occupants, who are all came out unscathed. When the purchase price also justifies security …

Check out the video of the accident here:

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