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a concept to pay tribute to Virgil Abloh!

Mercedes-Maybach unveiled an ultra-luxurious concept car, designed jointly with Virgil Abloh just before his death. A vehicle of all extremes …

One last sketch of what he was able to imagine. Virgil Abloh, famous stylist at Louis Vuitton but also founder of his own brand Off-White, died on November 28, 2021 at the age of 41. He had been working on this project for months Maybach in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. He then imagined a huge two-seater coupe to cross whatever stands in your way. Or something straight out of science fiction, depending on your interpretation.

Style above all

“We want to respectfully celebrate the work of his truly unique designer talent, who created endless possibilities for collaboration through his unbridled imagination and inspired everyone who knew his work,” explains Mercedes in its press release. A final tribute therefore, and above all a concept-car really different from the last productions of the brand. It blends styles with grace, borrowing the pavilion line from cut, the equipment and ground clearance of a 4X4 as well as the length of a limousine.

This free of all constraints project was directed by Virgil Abloh and therefore Gorden Wagener. The car measures thus over six meters long, more than an S-Class in long version. This is partly due to the huge transparent cover that hides photovoltaic panels. The front is also marked by large round headlights and a led grille, similar to what we find in the gamme EQ. The rear is perhaps more traditional with an aluminum skid plate and lights featuring the Maybach logo.

But it is in the template and the details of the car that we translate its adventurous inclinations. The front and rear skid plates, the enormous off-road tires and imitation sheet rims, the bolted fenders or the metal structure surrounding the body impress.

A unique creation

Enter inside, it is to discover a minimalist dashboard almost excessively robust in appearance. Only two seats are arranged in the large cockpit, leaving plenty of room for luggage just behind. The luxury feeling is obviously present with retro-style metal buttons, specific and detachable leather storage or various inserts inspired by the desert theme “And adventure”. Under the hood, we find an electric motor and that’s all we know.

The Maybach project will be presented to the public at Rubell Museum de Miami, Florida, December 1 and 2. And it will certainly be one of the only times when you will be able to observe the concept car in real life, unique model obliges …

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