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A Volkswagen Polo III fitted with a Golf VR6 engine

A Briton transplanted a Golf VR6 engine into a third-generation Volkswagen Polo. The power-to-weight ratio is now a record!

The Volkswagen Polo has historically always been in the shadow of the Golf. If the latter was entitled to special and sport versions, simple GTi to the most exclusive versions R (introduced on the Golf 4 R32 with its V6 3.2 of 241 horsepower), it was never the same for the Polo. The german city car has indeed had to be satisfied over the generations of versions GTi.

An enthusiast has precisely reshuffled the cards of this injustice, by grafting to a Polo 3 a Golf VR6 engine…

6-in-line or 6-in-V?

As a reminder, the Golf VR6 was as the name suggests equipped with the homonymous engine, a six cylinders in V at the opening angle so short (15 degrees) that it was a clever mix with a classic 6-in-line. The R also means in German “reihe” literally “online”. Proof that the VR6 was a “6-cylinder in-line V” !

Introduced on the Corrado and the Passat

fourth generation, it has there was never any question of installing it on the Polo. This copy is therefore unique, tinkered with by a Briton (and therefore naturally right-hand drive), based on a simple third-generation Polo.

Don’t be fooled by its cover

Externally, this city car is a real « sleeper » because it is difficult at a glance to distinguish large differences from a production Polo. Apart from the reduced ground clearance (to lower the center of gravity), only the air inlets located on the front fenders betray the presence of the big mill under its hood.

A power of 190 horses, double overhead camshaft (24 valves), and the brakes four wheel discs, here is the pedigree of this new version!

Offered for sale for 6 995£ or a little more than 8 000€, she is obviously more expensive than trivial Polo… But most certainly much more fun to drive saw his power to weight ratio !

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