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Harley-Davidson electric bikes arrive in France

Following the Livewire electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson takes it a step further with a range of three Rush / CTY and Mosh / CTY electric assist bikes.

The traditional and most ancient motorcycle brand, it would be Harley-Davidson. Think again, the Milwaukee firm has already passed the electric course, first with the Livewire motorcycle. To extend its footprint on mobility in general, it unveils electrically assisted bicycles.

Modern with a vintage touch

These pedelecs don’t forget where Harley-Davidson came from. Serial 1 is the name of its independent brand, chosen because it was the first model of 1903. And this motorcycle was actually an adapted bicycle with a motor. So back to basics? Not really, because the three Serial 1s are very modern. Their style is far from Harleys, but with an impeccable finish, clean lines with matt paintwork, and a luminous logo making its effect.

The entry level is the Mosh / CTY, a single speed bike very typical leisure with its VTC framework. It is the lightest of the range, with 21 kg all the same, but its Brose S motor offers a large torque of 90 Nm.

More urban, the Rush / CTY recovers a simple frame, mudguards, luggage racks, more civilized therefore but whose weight soars to 27 kg. One of the causes is the Enviolo continuous automatic transmission, adapting the pedaling to the speed. A “Step-Thru” derivative also offers an open frame

, practical for passing the legs.

Big batteries, and big prices

These Serial 1s have the advantage of their large format battery capacity in two versions. The Mosh / CTY has the smallest, already 529 Wh for 56 to 168 km of autonomy. The large range depends on the mode chosen (out of 4), your weight and depends on the height difference. This battery equips the Rush / CTY Step-Thru so as not to protrude from the frame, but its weight reduces its range between 48 and 145 km. The VTC cousin goes up to 706 Wh. This electric bike can thus reach 185 km in theory (100-110 real km on average).

Lighter and more leisure, the Mosh / CTY is the affordable little brother of the Serial 1, at € 3,550. The more equipped Rush / CTY with continuous transmission cost 4 650 € (Step Thru) et 4 750 € (Rush/CTY). It’s expensive, but the price to pay for a Harley-Davidson-worthy quality, powerful brakes (4-piston calipers on Rush), and a large range. Too bad the screens are a bit basic. And no connectivity, no electronic anti-theft.

The Serial 1 are only available in the Harley brand network, with 400 concessions.

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