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Hennessey prepares crazy 6-wheel electric car

With its “Project Deep Space”, the American car trainer Hennessey Performance wants to create the first 6-wheel electric hypercar.

In the world of super or hyper-sports cars, it’s hard to stand out because of the competition. Hennessey Performance tried the experiment, with the Venom F5 to hold the speed record (missed) of 500 km / h. But here her boss John Hennessey wants “Move forward and adapt to the future”. It will be the first Hennessey electric car.

Everything starts from a corner of the table

J. Hennessey leaves with a rather harsh observation on the electric having for enemy the weight “Weighing 2 or 2.1 tonnes, neither stopping nor turning as a hypercar should”. The ambition is « something that had never been done before », able to have “A comfortable space for 4 passengers, 4 golf bags or 4 suitcases”.

The idea for the 6 wheels came from designer Nathan Malinick, sketching on a piece of paper in a corner of the table at John’s. The story reminds us of something (Mini, Kitt from K2000), but no matter how true it is, this is what started the Project Deep Space in 2019.

A unique project with a very VIP seat

The result is this streamlined car, accommodating suitcases in the front and golf sets in the rear. Its cabin is inspired by McLaren Speedtail and F1 with a 1 + 2 + 1-seater “diamond” configuration. The rear passenger would be a V-VIP (very very important!) With a “zero gravity” seat that can be fully reclined

. To access it, Hennessey relies on two huge butterfly doors.

And then why not put 6 electric motors, one on each wheel! In reality the 6 wheels would bring “Better grip” and “Don’t need to be that wide” than with 4 wheels. This has a consequence, the length of more than 6 meters. At least this will allow “A large battery”, with still unknown autonomy.

Hennessey and 6 wheels is nothing new

If the preparer wants to install 6 wheels on his electric car, it is by tradition. In the current catalog we find the VelociRaptor 6 × 6 pickup with 600 horsepower, based on a Ford F-150 Raptor, produced in 50 units. Rival Chevrolet Silverado received the same fate, becoming a 450 hp 6 × 6 Goliath.

But if these monsters cost between 340,000 and 375,000 dollars, add a zero for the electric sports car. The car Projet Deep Space has a provisional rate $ 3 million, or € 2.65 million. It would be more than a Bugatti Chiron (€ 2.5 million) or a Lamborghini Centenario (€ 2.1 million).

The expected production is 105 vehicles. It remains to find customers by production in 2026.

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