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what delivery time for the electric?

A victim of its own success, the Dacia Spring is very difficult to find in stock and requires several months of waiting. We tried to find out more.

With 2,589 units delivered in November 2021, the Dacia Spring is at the gates of the Top 5 best-selling cars in France. In addition, it would have accumulated more than 40,000 orders in Europe.

This success has a consequence, since delivery times are getting longer, especially since its production is distant, in China. How long does it take to pick up the keys to your electric city car?

Allow 2 to 5 months

We contacted several dealerships to try to have an average delay. For the most part we had a date of March at least for the next deliveries of Dacia Spring, if you place the order today. Others communicated to us April, even May at the latest. More rarely, models were available in January or February.

Some also have stock, but this is very rare, and on the Spring Comfort Plus version only. Plus, you weren’t picking your color or options. We were told that Comfort sold little or not at all, so more difficult to find. This model often has longer lead times in dealerships (1 month longer on average).

An extension if you are demanding

The delivery times that we communicate to you are valid for cars at the basic catalog price, or series. But depending on whether you choose a metallic paint or other option, it can significantly lengthen the wait


However, not everything is comparable. Example, if you opt for a Dacia Spring Comfort, the option parking radar is easily integrated in dealership, and will have no impact according to one of the dealers.

It’s different if you prefer to include the multimedia system, which will not have priority on the production line. Difficult to give you each particular case, but we were made to understand a surplus of several weeks for certain options, such as the spare wheel on Comfort. And be aware that the cash purchase or the LOA has no influence on the time.

Conclusion, we advise you to contact your dealership for a specific deadline. This is especially true if you have a specific model with options in mind.

The Dacia Spring increases

By the way, note that the price of the Dacia Spring increased on December 1, 2021, just like the Sandero. The basic version Comfort inflates 300 euros, or a minimum of 17,390 € in Comfort. With the variable bonus (27%), the additional cost is partly absorbed, i.e. a final difference of € 219.

The Comfort Plus version does not budge, and remains at € 18,990. The LOA is also immobile, starting at 89 € / month, or 102 € / month on the Comfort Plus.

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