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Toyota presents a GR Yaris hydrogen fuel

To continue using the combustion engine, Toyota continues to use hydrogen as fuel in the GR Yaris H2 engine.

Toyota quickly presented its electrification plan in Europe, including the bZ4X SUV. The Japanese manufacturer is committed to 50% of vehicles electrified by 2030 and 100% CO reduction2 in 2035. However, Toyota’s credo for the future is hydrogen.

Hydrogen Yaris Sauce

The boss Akio Toyoda, sports car lover, driver in his spare time, wants to defend the good old combustion engine at the same time. We showed it to you with the Corolla Sport racing, whose fuel is hydrogen. The compact has already participated in a few endurance events in Japan since May 2021.

Here, it is the European star of Toyota, the Yaris, which inherits a hydrogen engine. Not just any, its sporty GR 3-door version with a more intimidating style. To simplify the adaptation, the tanks and the refueling system are identical to the Mirai

, the fuel cell sedan. The design of the car remains the same, except for the paint and the stickers.

Preserved sound and experience

The engine of the original Toyota GR Yaris remains. The 3-cylinder 1.6-liter turbo “G16E-GTS” is slightly adapted, with a specific injection system. According to Toyota, “Hydrogen burns faster than gasoline, giving good responsiveness while delivering environmental performance ». The CEO will appreciate, since the brand promises a “Fun driving experience with the acoustics and sensations characteristic of a combustion engine”.

Unfortunately, Toyota will not follow up on this hydrogen Yaris. No experimentation is planned in the race, and even less on the open road. Finally, you never know, Hyundai is also thinking about it with its Vision FK, with fuel cell technology however.

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